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What are the steps to send contact information in Gmail?

It’s easy to exchange information with a person when you have a face to face interaction or a meeting with a person like a quick handshake and easy exchange of business cards. Exchange of information is quite simple and it’s not difficult. However, when you use Gmail to manage your contacts and email communications then exchange of a contact information is little different because this mail service doesn’t have an option to send contact information like other emailing platforms.

But you don’t have to worry about the procedure of sending a contact information as it’s not a typical one. This mail service offers contact export and email attachment feature in a different manner that lets you send a single or multiple contacts as well as your files to others and you don’t need to enter any data manually.

Here we are describing a small procedure to send a contact to any of your online contacts.

Export contact information

First, login to your mail account and then go “Gmail” button on the top left corner of window and then go to “Contacts” in this list.

There you get a list of contacts and you can check mark a box that you wish to send.

Next, you have to click on “More” button at the top of this opened window and there you have to click on “Export…” in this opened list.

Now you get a chance to select a format from these options and click “Export” button. You can save the file in your PC and click “Okay”.

Steps to send contact information

First, go to the menu on left of your computer screen and click on “Gmail”.

Next, you have to go to “Compose” on the top left of your window and then compose an email in a same way like you do.

Now go to “Attach File” option and then enter “Subject” and next you can select a contact you want to export and click on “Open”. You can drag a file onto Gmail screen and attach a file to send.

Finally, click on “Send” button.

For more information, call to an expert on Gmail support number. By following these strides, you are able to send contact information to any of your recipients from the list. Furthermore, you can ask any question to this team of experts.

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