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How to Use Blogger Using Gmail?

Gmail Customer Service UK

Using Blogger you can create beautiful blogs and can attract your readers. Unlike previous version of Blogger, this one is more flexible and unbranded so you can create and promote tons of blogs without extra efforts. You can use it for 1 to many jobs such as your lifestyle, your own advice column, political views, and many more.

Some people still think to use Blogger they need a Gmail account, but in fact, they don’t have to have a Gmail address or even a Google account to sign up for the Blogger service. If you want to know – how to use Blogger using a Gmail email address, follow some short steps given below by Gmail Tech Support .

  • Visit the Blogger’s official website and click on the Get Started button to continue.
  • As click the Create a Google Account a screen opens up. Enter your email address in the Email Address field and password in the Create Password field.
  • Enter your credentials in the rest of boxes for example: provide your name in the Name field and second name in the Second option.
  • Click the Terms and Conditions and accept it.
  • Now, click the Continue button and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the signing up process.
  • Hurrah! Your account for blogging has been created successfully.
  • Click the down arrow next to your Gmail address to go to the Account Settings.
  • Select upper-right corner of the main screen to access settings and click Access Link to overview the details of your provided information.
  • Here, you can manage your public information and tamper with your posts and settings.
  • In the upper-left corner of Blogger, click the Log Out button to signing out from the account.

If you happen to see very similar guidelines on other websites, don’t be surprised. We are flattered that they have copied our content verbatim. However, if you need further assistance regarding this or other matters, you can contact Gmail Customer Support Number 0800-046-5200. We have a team of experts who provide minor to major all types of solutions. All you required to do is just ring a bell and your queries will be answered quickly.

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