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How to send an email to collective people in Gmail?

Gmail is a free email service developed by Google. Gmail can be accessed in android phone, computer, laptop, tablet or by any other device which is connected to the internet. This app also allows a user to quickly organize email and to find them and it also gives you an option to add a signature to message you send.

When you check any message received in the inbox, Gmail brings up the entire previous conversation message for your convenience which spares your effort to check out for what was discussed in the past. Gmail support numberis a good idea to get in contact with as they can help you in an easier way. Sending the same message to multiple people is not a difficult task in Gmail, in fact, it is a quick method. Let’s understand how to send an email to collective people:

  • First of all, open the web page and log into your Gmail account.
  • The main page of Gmail Account will be visible. Go to
  • A new small window to your right-hand side will open. In the box ‘TO’ type the recipient’s email address. Type a comma and make a space to add another recipient’s address. Repeat the same step to add each subsequent address.
  • If you want another person to see the message, this can be done by going to Cc or Bcc. If you want, another person to get a carbon copy of this text then add the email address in Cc and all other recipients will also see his email address. If it is filled in Bcc than all other recipients will not see his email address and the person will get the copy of that message.
  • Type the email subject and content.
  • After completing the content of the message click SEND.
  • A flash message will be shown if it sent successfully.
    • Important Note: If you have to send the same message to different people then you must add all the email address in the Bcc box to keep your mailing list secret. It’s a good and safe idea to protect against a spammer or any hacker.

Still not satisfy? Gmail Customer Care Number UK 0800-046-5262 who will assist you in a more suitable way. Feel free to contact them for any regarding an issue.

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