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How to Check If your Message is Authenticated in Gmail Android App

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Today, we are already using a lot of advanced technologies. These technologies help us in making the use of our resources in a better way. And by following the principles set in accordance with this technology, you can find all the things way easy and simple to do. In recent time, this change has taken an unmatched pace. In every few times, we are developing newer and newer techniques. But there are certain big stones which do not jolt when there is a change. One such giant is a Gmail. It is a mailing platform. Since it’s starting, it has remained number one and all that because it has adopted the new techniques time to time.

There are certain reasons also that can clearly describe why this mailing app has remained on top. First of all, it is present on different operating systems, from computer to android mobile and to the iOS also. You can avail almost all the exclusive features free of cost, these include the basic features such sending and receiving mails and blocking etc. If you want to check whether the messages in your inbox are authenticated or not then you can contact Gmail technical support.

Now, follow the next few steps to check the mails in Gmail android app:

1. If you see question marks against your email then open the application on your phone and then open an email.
2. Press the view details button.
3. Now, go to see the security details.
4. Your message is authenticated when it shows the domain name on the mailed by header.
5. Also, if it shows signed by header in the sending domain then again it is authentic.
6. If the mail is not authentic then be careful while replying to those mails.

This way, you are done with your checking. You further can Gmail UK Customer Care from your phone to get an instant help. This team of experts can do the needful for you. Just call 0800-046-5262 and ask for the support.

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