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Essential Tips from Gmail Customer Support on Keeping Your Account Safe

It seems that people don’t realise it, but internet security is extremely important. Despite the fact that Gmail will provide you with an impressive level of security, you still need to make sure your account doesn’t get stolen by cyber criminals. In order to ensure that, simply follow these 5 tips from the Gmail customer support!

1. Make Sure Your Password is Not Easy to Predict

If your password is predictable, hackers won’t have any problems cracking it. Instead of choosing words like “password” or “username”, it’s much better to go with a password that’s made of random characters.

2. Use Random Characters for Your Password

The best password is one that’s made of random letters, numbers, and special characters. Also, the rule is the longer the better. Still, if you choose an overly complicated password, you might end up forgetting it. The trick is in finding the middle ground.

3. Change Your Password Every Couple of Months

In order to ensure no one steals your Gmail account, you need to change your passwords every few months. Another good idea is never to use the same password for two or more different accounts. It might seem practical, but it’s not safe. If the hackers crack it, they will get open doors to all of your accounts.

4. Complete 2-Factor Verification

A great way to ensure your account is safe is to complete the 2-step verification. Our advice is to connect your email account with your mobile phone. This way, when someone tries to log in to your account, you will receive a notification on your smartphone.

Furthermore, the 2-step verification allows you to set the email service to send you a temporary code each time you want to access your account. This way, you will need both your password and the code to access the account. What this basically means is that the hackers would need to steal not only your Gmail password, but your mobile phone as well.

5. Stay in Touch with Tech Support

You need to have the Gmail UK Customer Care written somewhere so that you can call them if there’s a problem. For example, you must call Gmail support if you have even the slightest doubt that someone else might have an access to your account.

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